Angeline's Pictures

Delivery Day Pictures. (6/2000)

Emily's Hospital Stay. (6/2000)

Angeline's Stay in the NICU (6/2000)

Angeline's first week at home. (7/2000)

Angeline and relatives. (7/2000)

Angeline's first visit to her pediatrician. (7/2000)

Angeline: The Other Side. (7/2000)

Angeline's Shunt Surgery  (8/2000)

A couple of Angeline's "Firsts"  (6-8/2000)

Angeline's first seven weeks (6-8/2000)

2nd. Annual FS Reunion at Vandy (9/2000)

A weekend becomes a month (9/2000)

Angeline back home (10/2000)

Angeline finishing the year 2000 (Nov & Dec 2000) 

Angeline starts the year 2001 (Jan-Feb 2001) 

Angeline rules!  (March-June 2001)

3rd. Annual MFS4SB Reunion in Nashville (August,17 2001)

At her Day Care Center and with friends from Mommy and Me (Fall 2001)

At Anna's Birthday (9-22-2001)

Angie at home  (Aug.-Dec. 2001)

Thanksgiving and "Pre-Christmas" Season (Nov.-Dec. 2001)


Christmas 2001 (Dec, 2001)

Angeline in 2002 (Jan-Aug, 2002)

Angeline's 2nd. Birthday (June, 2002)

4th. Fetal Surgery Reunion  (August 16-18, 2002)

Angie with Barbara and Jeb ( NEW)

Angie at Disney World (NEW)

At the Spina Bifida Caucus (NEW)

Visiting best friend Skylar (NEW)   

Still Pictures

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5th. FS4SB Reunion (NEW)

Still Pictures

  RealMedia SLIDESHOW (DSL,Cable, T1)