Angie at home

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Whatever keeps her busy . . . Just make sure you don't run out of it.   Her daddy loves her smile   And don't forget to bring enough for the car ride   Angeline with her granpa Manolo  

 And with her mom and grandma Julia   What did I tell you about her smile?!   Up the steps she goes   "I need to concentrate"  

 DEC2001BPa040005.jpg (34740 bytes)   She is daddy's princess   Angie at the beach   And with mom and dad  

 Giving milk to "la beba"   Loving grandpa Manolo   Angeline with her friend Julia in one of those rare ocassions where you can catch her inside a playpen  

 With her beautiful mommy   Angeline Marie with Orlando and Maria Teresa while visiting   "I need to figure out how to get my hands on all those lights!"   "And I will. Just give me some time"  

 Another closeup of Angie