A weekend becomes a month

During the month we spent in Vanderbilt dealing with Angeline's shunt infection, many people became instrumental in helping us dealing with the whole situation. Here are some snapshots, including pictures of some of our named and unnamed heroes.

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Doctor Aaronson & Angie            Amy and Angie     William, Amy, & Angie     Angie & La Rhonda   

 Angeline looking at herself in the mirror      Two Susans & one Angeline     Beth and Angie         Christine & Angeline      

  Clint with Emily & Angie     With Delia at the clinic     Dr. Aaronson removing stitches      Dr. Bruner holds Angie  

    Angeline with Dr. Tulipan      And then Heather     Angie with Jackie Lynn      Kim and Angie    

  With Shannon, her PT